The Coach Paola Pieroni

Not only Coach...!!


Space Modelling Italian National Team Coach

ANTONIO MAZZARACCHIO Space Modelling World Champion

“ second place is just the first loser ”

Seven TimesWorld Champion
The magical adventure of the 2022 Europeans

Proud standard-bearer

Result: a triumph for the couple

Unmatched assistant

Patient mental coach

The “Giants” of the Space Modelling...

... with Nick at 2008 World Championships

09/07/16 - Krško (SLO) :  All thanks to... Paola!

09/07/16 - Krško (SLO) :  Serving the community...

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Other moments lived together on the competition fields...

“Paola, let's go! I need your help!"

... and that of the 2023 World Champs in the USA