13th Space Modelling World Championships

Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia) - 12 September 2000


Two times on the podium in the same day: Silver S6A and Bronze S1B

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News / Gallery

the exploits of some time ago...


Ljubljana (SLO), 08/10/2016

38th Ljubljana Cup

GOLD S9A: 58th career



Lviv (UKR), 22÷30/08/2016

21st World Championships

5th place in S9A


Krško (SLO), 09/07/2016

Vega Cup 2016

Bronze Medal in S9A


Lviv (UKR), 21÷28/08/2015

15th European Champs

Silver Medal in S1B:

an European podium again


Ljubljana (SLO), 11/10/2014

36th Ljubljana Cup

GOLD S9A and Bronze S6A


Kaspichan (BUL), 22÷30/08/2014

20th World Championships

2 World Titles in the same day: S1B e S3A

Gallery of the News

23/08/08 -  Lerida (ESP) : The Italian team at the 17th World Championships opening ceremony.

20/06/09 -  Krško (SLO) : Gold in S6A. With Serbian friends Goran and Zivan.

10/10/09 -  Ljubljana (SLO) : The Italian Team at the

31st Ljubljana Cup: Antonio, Guglielmo, Speranza, and Riccardo.

29/05/10 -  Dubnica nad Váhom (SVK) : Second place in S9A.

19/06/10 -  Krško (SLO) :

Guglielmo and Riccardo: the recovery crew.

13/12/10 - Antonio awarded in Benevento at the 2nd edition of the Italian Sport Awards®

09/10/10 -  Ljubljana (SLO) : Gold in the streamer... his passion!

13/12/10 -  Benevento : Italian Sport Awards®, interviewed on stage by the charming Francesca Calligaro of Rai International.

16/06/11 -  Roma : Prizegiving at V Galŕ del Volo of the Aero Club d’Italia.

02/07/11 - Krško (SLO) :  Bronze in S9A; together with Marcal and Zoran.

23/08/11 -  Buzau (ROU) : Tension before a launch at the European Champs.

19/05/12 - Krupka (CZE) : A “junior” grew up a bit?

16/06/12 - Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) : The opening ceremony.

04/05/13 - Partizanske (SVK) : The new launching pad.

29/08/13 - Kaspichan (BUL) : European Champs .. a bit of homesickness.

ANTONIO MAZZARACCHIO Space Modelling World Champion

“ second place is just the first loser ”

World Champion

23/08/14 - Kaspichan (BUL) : The tent for the World Champs.

11/10/14 - Ljubljana (SLO) : A streamer model ready to fly.

25/08/15 -  Lviv (UKR) : An impeccable S9A launch at the European Champs.

10/04/08 -  Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale - Universitŕ di Roma

After his first Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Antonio earn his second Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering.

04/12/06 - Rome :  Antonio awarded by Gianni Rivera.

23/06/07 - Prototype “2007 series” before victorious flights in Slovenia.

Patriotic Modeltricolour stabilizers and blue ogive.

23/06/07 -  Krško (SLO) : Gold in S6A.

02/06/07 -  Oberkulm (SUI) : Gold in S6A.

17/06/07 -  Rome “Aeroporto dell’Urbe” - The WORLD CHAMPIONS

September 2006 -  In Baikonur (KAZ) together with the legendary Vernon Estes!

04/01/07 - Antonio Winner also at the TV super-quiz “L’Ereditŕ”

01/06/08 -  Oberkulm (SUI) : Franziska, Antonio, Arthur and Hans.

06/11/15 -  Rome : The diploma of Officer of the Republic.

28/08/16 -  Lviv (UKR) : Transformed into a star of the Ukrainian TV.

23/08/16 -  Lviv (UKR) : Opening ceremony at  World Champs 16.

THE PAST (from the website creation)


Krško (SLO), 05/07/2014   *   Vega Cup 2014

World Record S9A


Kaspichan (BUL), 24÷31/08/2013   *   14th European Champs

Silver medal in S1B: An European podium yet


Partizanske (SVK), 04/05/2013

Slovak Cup 2013

Silver medal in S9A


Antalya (TUR), 16÷20/10/2012

FAI General Conference

Antonio is awarded with two prestigious FAI diplomas:

“Paul Tissandier” and “Alphonse Penaud”


Sremska Mitrovica (SRB), 16/06/2012   *   12th Sirmium Cup

6th place in S9A


Krupka (CZE), 19/05/2012   *   World Cup ‘12

Silver medal in S9A


Buzau (ROU), 20÷27/08/2011   *   13th European Champs

Silver in S9A: Antonio’s first medal at an European Championship


Krško (SLO), 02/07/2011   *   7th Vega Cup - World Cup

2 bronzes in S6A and S9A


Roma, 16/06/2011   *   V Galŕ del Volo

Antonio awarded by the FAI President John Grübstrom


Benevento (ITA), 13/12/2010   *   2nd ed. Italian Sport Awards®

Antonio awarded at the Italian Sport Awards® 2010


Ljubljana (SLO) 9/10/2010   *   32nd Ljubljana Cup

GOLD… again! Antonio won for the 7th time in the history of the Ljubljana Cup the “Streamer Duration”!!


Irig (SRB) 21÷28/08/2010   *   18th World Championships

GOLD + GOLD = The best competitor of the WChs! 2 World Titles more: “Gyrocopter Duration” S9A, “Parachute Duration” S3A


Krško (SLO), 19/06/2010   *   6th Vega Cup - World Cup

Competition in 3 Categories = 2 Golds (S9A and S6A) + 1 Silver (S4A)


Dubnica n/V (SVK), 29/05/2010   *   Dubnica May 2010

Silver in S9A


Ljubljana (SLO), 10/10/2009   *   31st Ljubljana Cup

GOLD medal in “Streamer Duration” S6A!!


Irig (SRB), 22÷29/08/2009   *   12th European Championships

5th place in the altitude event


Krško (SLO), 20/06/2009   *   5th Vega Cup - World Cup

GOLD in “Streamer Duration”: the 48th of his career!


Rome, 27/12/2008

Conferred the honour of Knight of the Republic for sporting merit.


Lerida (ESP), 22÷28/08/2008   *   17th World Championships

Results inferior to the expectations… it happens also to the best ones! AD MAIORA☺.


Oberkulm (SUI), 01/06/2008   *   Switzerland Internationals

Training for the next World Championships: 2 victories in Streamer Duration.


Krško (SLO), 23/06/2007   *   3rd Vega Cup - World Cup

GOLD medal more (Streamer Duration) and a bronze one (Gyrocopter Duration).


Rome, 17/06/2007   *   Aeroporto dell’Urbe

Exhibition of World Champion models during XXI “Latium Flight Tour” competition.


Oberkulm (SUI), 03/06/2007   *   Switzerland Internationals

Antonio wins both S6A World Cup events (Streamer Duration). 2007 season starts with two GOLD medals!


Germany, 26 December 2006   *   ARD - German Radio

Interview and description of my activity during a radio programme about unusual” roman personages.


Rome, 7 December 2006   *   Palazzo Federazioni Sportive

Prize awarding by Unione Nazionale Veterani dello Sport 2006 for “Extraordinary Sporting Achievements”.


Rome, 4 December 2006   *   Campidoglio

Prize awarding for “Special Sporting Credits” at the presence of the Sporting Advisor Hon. Gianni Rivera.


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08/10/16 - Ljubljana (SLO) : Gold and... Wine!

22/08/17 -  Włocławek (POL) : A smile despite rain and bad results at the European Championships.

05/08/18 -  Włocławek (POL) : Closing ceremony of the World Champs.

27/08/19Buzău (ROU) : With the beautiful Romanian timekeeper Andrada.

07/12/18 - Rome, Honor Hall of the CONI : Prize-giving with the President of CONI Malagň


04/10/21Buzău (ROU) : Landing above my head!

24/08/22Zrenjanin (SRB) : Between the two fascinating Range Safety Officers of the 2022 European Championships Ewa and Janka.

Seven Times

16/10/22Krško (SLO) : With my Ukrainian friend Igor.

05/11/22Rome, Honor Hall of the CONI : Prize giving.

05707/23Austin (USA) : With our friend Takuma towards the banquet.

05/07/23Austin (USA) : The GOLDEN launch!