FAI Space Modelling is competition at very high level!

It is competed in many countries of the Globe trying to arrive with own miniature higher than all or employing high performance recovery devices in order to maximize the descent time.

There are, moreover, reliability trials for rocket-gliders and scale contests.


For more details please click here [only in Italian].


For an overview of FAI competitions go to www.spacemodeling.org .


Here is S (Space Models) category FAI rules.

2006 World Championships Baikonur (KAZ): my Team

The FAI Space Modelling

After the gold in S3A at the Ljubljana Cup 1995...

suspended between Drago e Miki!


THE FIRST ROCKET - 1974. Built with a little of ingenuity (the body is a container of medicine), but with great enthusiasm.

Pezinok (SVK) - 17/06/1995

Dedicated to the person without whom this wonderful adventure would not start:

my father Giuseppe (1928-1996).


THE FIRST COMPETITION - Ljubljana (SLO) 1993. Inexperience, a lot of rain and... plastic bags as galoshes.

THE FIRST MEDAL - Oberkulm (SUI) 1993. Gold already at the second competition... with the astonishment of everyone, including me!

sunset in Baikonur (Kazakhstan) on 26 September 2006

Sazena (CZE) - 27/05/1995

Oberkulm (SUI) - 22/10/1995

THE FIRST WORLD CHAMPS - Leszno (POL) 1994. An Italian team participated for the first time at a World Championship: Giuseppe, Antonio, Margherita and Speranza.

ANTONIO MAZZARACCHIO Space Modelling World Champion

second place is just the first loser

Seven TimesWorld Champion

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